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A Guide To The Walkie Talkie

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Walkie Talkie

Walkie talkies use radio frequencies, usually around 466 MHz, for basic chatting over short to medium distances. As such, PMRs (Private Mobile Radios) has many uses.


Why do I need a walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkies can provide you with a way of contacting someone in an emergency, especially if a mobile signal is not available. Two-way radios are the preferred method of contact for outdoor users, as the lack of mobile signals can separate you from the rest of the world.


With a range of between 6km and 12km, basic radios allow you to work over long distances without worrying about losing your connection. Whether you're hiking in the wilderness or fishing on a tree-lined lake, walkie-talkies allow you to talk to others on the same frequency using a walkie-talkie.


Walkie-talkies are also perfect for children and are more durable than mobile phones. Use it while on holiday with your children to keep a close eye on their movements.


Key features of the walkie-talkie

1. Desktop charging cradle

2. Small in size so can be hung on a belt or carried in a pocket

3. Licence-free, so there is no cost to communicate from one walkie-talkie to another

4. Range of up to 12 km

5. Headset connection allowing hands-free use

6. Built-in LED torch for night use

7. Long service life with rechargeable batteries

8. Waterproof rating for use in all conditions


Common uses for walkie-talkies

1. To communicate with employees in large workplaces such as warehouses, farms, or factories.

2. Ideal for hiking in the mountains away from other civilized areas where there is no mobile signal - Keeping parents and staff together when camping in areas where there is no mobile signal

Keeping parents and children in touch when camping in areas where there is no mobile signal

3. Ideal for keeping in touch with children when visiting theme parks or traveling abroad Water parks

4. Lifeguards

5. Police services

6. Holidays abroad

7. Shopping center security

Walkie Talkie

8. Shop/warehouse staff

9. Hunting

10. Camping trips

11. Fishing

12. Trekking

13. Ski trips


The benefits you can get

1. Cheaper than using a mobile phone, especially if you live close and keep in touch with someone

2. Rugged and ideal for outdoor use

3. Instant chat, no need to dial or wait for a connection

4. Ability to communicate instantly about emergencies

5. Designed for all types of situations

6. Low cost - just buy the walkie-talkie (and batteries), no contract or subscription fees


So what are the disadvantages?

1. When used indoors in factories or warehouses, metal objects can cause obstructions and shorten transmission distances -Some channel frequencies are illegal in some countries, so if buying for use abroad, make sure the first frequency used is legal

2. When used outdoors, the terrain can affect the transmission distance

3. Depending on the transmission distance and PMR quality, the clarity of the sound will be greatly reduced

4. One method of communication means that only one person can speak at a time

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