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How to Connect Different Brands of Walkie Talkies?

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The signal cannot be received between the walkie talkies, mainly because of the frequency, which has no direct relationship with the brand of the walkie talkie. So how can we exchange signals between walkie talkies of different brands?

walkie talkie

a walkie talkie

The Working Principle 

Before answering this question, let us first understand the working principle of the walkie talkie.

The walkie talkie receives and processes radio signals. When the sound is received by the microphone and speaker of the walkie-talkie, it will convert the sound into radio waves and become part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These radio waves travel at the speed of light and are received by the transmitter of the connected walkie talkie, where they are converted into sound. The intercom communication mainly relies on them being on the same frequency band/channel.

Required Condition

  • The same communication frequency

The prerequisite for the intercommunication signal of the two-way radio is that the communication frequency set between the two-way radio must be adjusted to be the same. If the frequency bands of walkie talkies of different brands are the same, they can communicate with each other after being adjusted to the same frequency. If the frequency bands are not the same, it depends on whether there is a common frequency value between the two radio frequency bands. If there is a common frequency value, set the frequency value to be the same, and the intercom can also be performed.

  • The same key

For some advanced walkie talkies, for the security of communication, a security key is set for the communication. Only the keys of the two communicating devices can be used. This is a situation that cannot be ignored, but it is often overlooked by everyone.

  • Within the coverage of the same signal

Only when the signal can be received can they communicate with each other. Even if the frequency is adjusted to the same, it cannot communicate if it is not within the signal range. If your two walkie talkies have the same frequency and are both within the signal range but still cannot communicate with each other, it means that there is insufficient signal in the current range. In this case, you can consider enhancing the signal and purchasing equipment. You can also stand at a high place, the signal may be better.

Generally speaking, as long as different brands of walkie talkies meet the above three points at the same time, they can communicate with each other and realize the function of intercom communication. We are a walkie talkie manufacturer, if you need walkie talkies, please feel free to contact us.

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