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Everything You Need To Know About POC

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TK1000 Plus - 4G LTE Radio

TK1000 Plus - 4G LTE Radio

Public POC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) intercom is a mobile communication system for dispatch and command, built on the operator's mobile communication network.

What is POC

The POC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) intercom is a mobile communication system for dispatching and commanding built on the operator's mobile communication network. It is popular with users from all walks of life due to its ease of use and lack of distance restrictions. Its main position is to provide work management and command and dispatch services for enterprises, institutions, and groups. It mainly faces group users, such as public security, fire-fighting, hospitals, city administration, government agencies, transportation, airports and aviation, large gatherings, military applications, etc. Due to its wide coverage and low cost, it can be quickly deployed in bulk to meet the needs of these groups to improve their emergency response speed and work efficiency.

Why POC is needed

Public network signal coverage is ubiquitous and the use of smartphones has greatly facilitated people's work and life. For industrial customers, if intercoms could have the benefits of mobile phones, with unobstructed access everywhere and rich app applications, it would be an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to communicate.

The advantages of POC

The great advantage of POC is that it not only provides a fast PTT service but also offers the one-to-many group call service capability of PMR systems (which is not available on conventional mobile phone networks). Unlike PMR networks with limited channel capacity, the POC platform supports the creation of any number of virtual channels and call groups, even dynamic call groups. In addition, scheduling services including real-time GPS location, tracking and monitoring services, and other PMR services can be supported. For example, the late joining of group calls, remote haloing, or remote killing of devices.

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