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What Can We Start To Overhaul When Walkie Talkies Broke Down?

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What Can We Start To Overhaul When Walkie Talkies Broke Down?

Walkie talkies are very different from other household appliances, and the maintenance procedures are also different. Especially when inspecting walkie talkies without circuit diagrams, correct maintenance methods should be adopted. There are six main points:

1: Check the appearance and replace damaged parts.

When receiving a broken down walkie talkie, it is important to check whether the external parts of the walkie-talkie are damaged, such as antennas, display screens, cracking of circuit boards, chassis, buttons, knobs, switches, etc. In this process, mechanical damage is often observed, and the whole machine can only work normally after replacing the damaged parts.

2: Observe the display output.

When there is a problem with your walkie-talkie, you must look at the display screen to determine that there is a problem with the function of the walkie-talkie. For example, if there is no feedback on the button, there may be a problem with the programming. After these investigations, malfunctioning functions can be detected.

Walkie talkie

Walkie talkie

3: Reset the walkie-talkie.

Before drawing the fault conclusion, you need to reset the walkie-talkie according to the correct method, so that the problems of no connection, no transmission, and crash can be solved. (If you are familiar with the model, you can use the manual guide for diagnosis).

4: Determine whether the receiving and transmitting circuits are faulty by checking the current.

Connect a 2A ammeter to the power supply circuit and turn on the walkie talkie. Under normal circumstances, the current is 3-10mA.

When the squelch is turned off, if the noise is normal at this time and the current is increased to about 40 mA, it is basically determined that the reception is normal.

Press the button and the current should be around 550mA according to the power setting. If the current indication is very small, such as less than 100mA, either the radio has emitted some signals, or the power amplifier is not working. Making full use of various radio detection devices will be of great help in finding problems and preventing detours.

5: Judge the fault by observing the circuit board.

After the walkie talkie is turned on, first check whether the components on the circuit board are damaged, such as component burst, wire burnout, solder joints, etc. After repairing these parts, the walkie talkie can quickly restore functions.

6: Use the correct instrument for maintenance.

This instrument is a suitable assistant for the repairer. If you can use the relevant instruments sensitively, it will be of great help to your maintenance. In some cases, it is impossible to overhaul certain problems without tools. This requires each repairman to be longer than the use of various instruments when overhauling the walkie talkie.

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